Now available, new Quick Access diff transmission kit.

This kit will update your S1V3 Type-R EVO from 2020-2022.

The trans case on its own will replace Type-R FM transmissions.

Upgrade any Laydown(FM) PR 2wd Buggy with a 2020 and new chassis plate as well as Mount on top of chassis RF(C Block) mount and the narrrow rear RR(D Block). The Front suspension mount(RF) does not fit the “Carpet” style “Narrow” chassis from 2019(ish) era. The chassis will need to to have the deep motor cut out for this to fit as it does lower the motor to the maximum that the chassis allows.

Included are the new diff height adjusters. Change the climb characteristics by raising or lowering the diff. The angle of the dog bone side of the CV Drive affects this climb feel.

And of course the main feature is the Quick Access diff. For those gear diff racers, change your fluid in no time with this new configuration. For the dirt racers, easily install a fresh ball diff in just minutes and be ready to go for the next round.

This kit is available at these links:
V4R Buggy Kit
V4TR Truck Kit

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