Adding on to the PR Racing legacy… the new V4R looks to drive performance farther. The new kit adds quick access diff, a new rear shock tower, Rear C and D suspension blocks, motor plate, CV Drives, rear hubs, camber plate, rear sway bars, front axles and battery hold down system.

From Dirt Master to Carpet Wizard, the new V4R is the most versatile 2wd buggy from PR Racing yet.

20 new parts went into the making of the V4R. From a new Chassis plate and front axles to new CV Drives and quick access diff.

All this in a very high quality kit. Great fit and finish keep this kit performing longer.

PR Racing updated nearly half the car for increased usability, tuneability and durability.

The new rear D block can be flipped for increase squat options.

The new battery hold down offers unsurpassed flexibility both torsionally as well as axially.

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